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Disposable & Non-Woven Fabrics For the Medical Industry

Non woven fabrics (Melt-Blown, SMS, SMMS, SS) play a vital role in the medical sector. From surgical gowns, masks and other wearable products to surgical drapes, pads, dressings andfiltration materials, they are everywhere.

Most medical non woven products are disposable, single use items that have the advantage of sterilization or cleaning for reuse. Some can also provide the required function over a limited period of time.

With the latest medical technologies, doctors and state-of-art hospitals are now using non woven fabrics as standard, which are not only economical and eco-friendly but disposable and fresh to use.

3P non woven fabrics uses fabrics made from cutting edge manufacturing processes. Our medical nonwovens can be needlepunched, hydro-entangled, spunbonded, meltblown or thermally bonded to meet your demands.

Bi-component splittable or fibrillated fibres, nanotechnology and fibre modification also play important roles in some recent developments, with many involving ltration and barrier technologies. Nanofibres are becoming very popular for medical textiles used to filter viruses and bacteria.



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