“Our extensive range of medical & textile products and years of experience help us to maintain our position as a global partner in the garment & medical industry.”

Carine Medical & Textile Group is the leading garment & technical textile manufacturer in Europe and currently providing high quality products to a worldwide market.

As a result of constantly updating and changing to suit current market conditions and by investing in new technology, we have been able to play a leading role in a rapidly expanding technical textile industry with our extensive range of products.

Being a manufacturer of various types of garments and technical textile products, we are well aware and more than capable of answering all the needs of an ever changing marketplace. Providing the perfect quality, with a quick and efficient operation.

We can also supply tailored solutions to any project that requires innovation and creativity, with continuous development in mind we look forward to a busy future.

The entire team has been working in the garment & medical industry for over 30 years. In our European Headquarter in Augsburg/Germany is the showroom with a marketing and sales team, the product organization and the logistics center. From here, the productions for CARINE medical products are coordinated. The entire logistics process including product commissioning and direct dispatch to each individual customer is also organized from this location. Currently we operate our own production facility for various medical products ("Made in Germany" production) in Gersthofen/Germany near our European headquarters.

The diverse collections, product lines and production possibilities enable us to meet the requirements of our customers from different price and quality segments. Carine Medical & Textile Group offers its customers full service: design development, research and development of new materials, collection creation, fast & flexible production, online sales & services and free-house delivery to customers. Our clients vary from governments to medical institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, wholesaler & large retail companies.


''German Quality and Perfection''