We are playing a leading role in the rapidly growing technical textile industry with our wide range of products

The Carine Medical & 3P Textile Group is the leading manufacturers of clothing and technical textiles in Eastern Europe Bulgaria, Serbia, and Turkey and currently supplies high-quality medical products worldwide..

The entire team has been working in the clothing and medical industry for over 30 years.
Our European headquarters in Augsburg/Germany houses the showroom with a marketing and sales team, the product organisation and the logistics centre. This is where the production for CARINE medical products is coordinated. The entire logistics process including product commissioning and direct dispatch to each individual customer is also organized from this location. We are currently setting up production lines for Melt Blown Fabrics & SMS Fabrics & FFP2 face masks near our headquarters in Germany ("Made in Germany" production).

The diverse collections, product lines and production possibilities enable us to meet the requirements of our customers from different price and quality segments. The Carine Medical & 3P Textile Group offers its customers full service: design development, research and development of new materials, collection creation, fast & flexible production, online sales & services and free delivery to customers. Our customers are national governments in Germany, medical institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers and large retailers.

Strong focus on quality control and quality assurance make sure that we control the value chain and deliver the products that our customer needs.